Snakes and Ladders

 A successful NDC strategy is more involved than simply adopting an API. It’s a distribution program with a broad range of imperatives. Much like a game of Snakes and Ladders there is ample of opportunity to boost success and pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Over on the Farelogix blog, we are examining the real-world application of NDC. We know because our customer base includes NDC pioneers Lufthansa Group, United Airlines, American Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Qatar, WestJet, and Olympic/Aegean. By working alongside these front-runners, Farelogix has learned what it takes to make NDC work in the real world of Travel Agencies, OTAs, Corporate Booking Tools, and even GDSs. For your convenience, we feature our most recent articles to the right of this page.

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Building a business case 

Building an NDC business case

 We regularly meet with airline executives who are under increasing pressure to ‘do NDC’. For those just starting out, it’s important to note that an NDC program requires a well thought out strategy. Anyone running into NDC without such a strategy will likely run into trouble in terms of costs, fail cycles, and untapped opportunity. We suggest beginning with a 5-year business case that includes ...

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Adoption Strategy

Once you have an NDC-standard API in place, you need to connect with as many customers as is feasible in your indirect channel to maximize the reach and associated return.  As we see it, there are three paths to far-reaching NDC API delivery...

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FLX Open Connect NDC API

Total Content Control

  • Future proof connectivity into any airline reservation system
  • Comprehensive NDC Offer and Order Management
  • FLX NDC API – single source of truth – to feed all channels
  • Robust Orchestration of all required workflows, systems integration and supporting services
  • SPRK agency user interface included (optional)

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