Monday, April 27, 2020

Plenary Sessions - By Invitation Only (Rise, Set)

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what’s new with Farelogix and engage in open Q&A. Agenda includes:

  • Farelogix strategic initiatives
  • Technology/product update
  • What’s new with retailing and data science
  • NDC - it’s time to scale!
  • And much more

13:00 - 15:00: Executive Briefing (Rise)

(Farelogix customers only)

15:30 - 17:00: Preferred Partner Program Meeting (Set)

(Farelogix Preferred Partner Program members only)

Monday, April 27, 2020

Welcome Reception (Pool & Deck)

18:30 - 21:00: Buffet dinner and refreshments

The dress code is business casual. Please, dress for the weather.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Conference (Crush)

08:45 - 10:20

CEO Welcome: Transformation Is Here and So Are We

Jim Davidson, Farelogix

There is no longer any question: Retailing and NDC are forever transforming the airline business and technology landscapes as well as consumer travel experiences. In this opening session, Jim Davidson gives his unique perspective on how airlines can unlock immediate benefits while embarking on a transformation journey.

Fireside Chat: What's Next, Farelogix?

Jim Davidson, Farelogix; Henry Harteveldt, Atmosphere Research

2020 will be a milestone year in the history of Farelogix, and the words 'what's next' will be on everyone's lips. Henry Harteveldt will join Jim Davidson in exploring some of your most thought-provoking questions in this fireside chat.

Presentation: A Retail-Friendly PSS Agreement

Richard Clarke, T2RL

As the retailing drive intensifies, sabotaging the future by focusing solely on the needs of today is a clear and present danger. Astute airline executives know that systems architecture needs to be future-proof and able to stand the test of time. Richard Clarke will discuss how airlines can mitigate risks and maximize flexibility when negotiating a PSS agreement.

AM Break

10:50 - 12:20

Presentation: The Farelogix Path to Dynamic Offers

Manish Nagpal, Farelogix

A maturity model outlines evolutionary stages of capability. The further you are along a path, the more ‘mature’ you are. Explore the Farelogix Path to Dynamic Offers maturity model and plot your journey from static flights and ancillaries to a state where the offer, as we know it, is wholly transformed.

Etihad Airways’ Approach to Dynamic Offers

Dieter Westermann, Etihad

Etihad Airways is on an exciting transformation journey to put dynamic offers at the heart of its business, by implementing advanced offer optimization models. Discover how Etihad Airways is approaching this opportunity and related challenges.

Airline Presentations:

  • Kevin Duijndam, KLM (confirmed)
  • Bas t'Hooft, Delta (confirmed)

Presentation: Science-Driven Seat Pricing

Diana Porro and Shannon Kelly, Farelogix

So, you’ve got all kinds of rules to optimize seat prices, and your seat revenue is growing. That’s a good start…but just the beginning! Farelogix Data Scientist, Diana Porro and Director, Ancillary Pricing Strategy, Shannon Kelly, will explore how Farelogix, in collaboration with Florida International University and airline partners, are making inroads into applying the power of machine learning to seat merchandising.


13:20 - 14:45

Presentation: Dynamic Offers - the IATA Perspective

Sebastien Touraine, IATA

Airlines are moving away from a reliance on traditional fares and ancillaries filing towards Dynamic Offers, and IATA is taking a leadership role in driving this transition. Explore why the industry needs to make this move and discover the opportunities that are on the table, in the context of NDC and ONE Order.

Airline Presentations

  • Jost Daaf't, Lufthansa Group (confirmed)
  • Airline Representative (TBC)

Presentation: Dynamic Pricing, It's Easier than You Think

Karl Isler, Karl Iser Consulting

With the buzz surrounding continuous price points, pulling away from fare filing, and science-driven offers, dynamic pricing can seem an overwhelming ideal. But dynamic pricing is more accessible than you think. The mind behind the Lufthansa Group’s dynamic pricing initiatives, Karl Isler, will provide his perspective on the dynamic pricing trend that is opening new opportunities for Revenue Management and why you can dive right in.

PM Break

15:15 - 17:30

Retailing Workshops:

  • Advanced Ancillary Offers Showcase

Michael Zumdieck, Farelogix

  • Dynamic Fare Pricing

Manish Nagpal, Farelogix

  • Best Practices – Onboarding Your Merchandising Technology

Nancy Delgado and Shannon Kelly, Farelogix

  • Beyond the API - How to Support Your NDC Program

Shahan Mohammed, Farelogix

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Social Event (Quinto La Huella)

18:00 - 21:00: Dinner and Entertainment

The dress code is business casual. Please, dress for the weather.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Conference (Crush)

08:30 - 09:50

Keynote Presentation: It's Getting Hot in Here
Henry Harteveldt, Atmosphere Research

With transformation not far from the minds of every executive in airline commerce, Henry Harteveldt will discuss the pressures driving the industry forward. From sustainability to interline, to order fulfillment and new revenue, Henry will take a quantitative look at why airline commerce is under pressure and why some topics are just darn ‘hot’ right now. Which will continue to fuel transformation in the medium to longer-term, and why do you need to know?

Panel: It's Getting Hot in Here
Panelists: Jeff Mathew, Farelogix; Timothy O’Neil-Dunne, 777 Partners; Airline Representatives (invited)

Our panelists will examine how airline commerce is taking a leadership role in tackling some of today’s biggest challenges with NDC, new technologies, innovative partnerships, ONE Order and data science-driven retailing.

Interview – Transformative Technology

Tim Reiz and Jeff Mathew, Farelogix

An interview the genius behind Farelogix technology, CTO Tim Reiz, along with newly appointed SVP Operations Jeff Mathew.

AM Break


Farelogix Meeting Room - Floor plan

Floor plan ×

10:20 - 12:10

Presentation: NDC@Scale, an IATA Update
Yanik Hoyles, IATA

With 2020 finally here, it's time to check in on IATA's NDC@Scale program. It aims to support 21 leaderboard airlines in processing 20% of their indirect sales through an NDC-powered API by the end of the year. Is NDC@Scale ontrack to deliver, and what is next?

Panel: Meet the SWAT Team Busting TMC Showstoppers

Tye Radcliffe, United Airlines; Kathy Morgan, Sabre; Other panelists (TBC); Moderator - Yanik Hoyes, IATA

Stakeholder misalignment, understanding gaps, and implementation issues have impeded TMC adoption of NDC. But that's about to change. Meet some of the companies that have rallied to the cause by joining an IATA-led SWAT Team. How will the team solve these blockers to benefit Business Travel?

Fireside Chat: NDC-Titan, United Airlines

Tye Radcliffe, United Airlines

An IATA NDC@Scale Leaderboard airline, United has committed to having 20% of sales powered by an NDC API by 2020. Tye Radcliffe will update delegates on the journey so far.

NDC-Titan Presentations
  • Neil Geurin, American Airlines (confirmed)
  • Arber Deva, Lufthansa Group (confirmed)



13:10 - 15:00

Presentation: Corporate Bundles with TripActions
Danny Finkel, TripActions

Fireside Chat with NDC-Titans

  • Bill Cavendish, Emirates (confirmed)
  • Nathan Smeulder, Qantas (confirmed)

Presentation: It’s In The Bag – The Democratization of Travel Content for Next-Gen Services
Steve Domin, Duffel

By building a toolkit that provides easy access to travel content, Duffel is empowering online travel services to imagine and create the future. Find out why 18 airlines have already partnered with this Stripe-inspired startup and what is CEO and co-founder, Steve Domin’s view on what lies ahead.

Secure a strong ROI in your NDC journey
Philippe Der Arslanian, Answair

Over 90% of airlines agree or strongly agree that the ROI for NDC should benefit all distribution partners. However, many airlines hadn’t anticipated such an investment for their global transformation. To succeed in this NDC journey, there are concrete business drivers and best practices to foster commercial growth, create retailing business value for all players, and secure a sound return on investment.

Closing remarks and coffee

Ends - 15:30